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The Eiffel Construction’s founder Kamran Aminloo has started his career as apprentice on 1986 in France and after 1 year became a journeyman. His hard working and positive attitude took him very fast to higher level and became job foreman then job captain and he has worked with some of the biggest and monster contractors such as Rinaldi Structual, Wehr Glass and has achieved the important projects such as:

Hôtel du Département du Bas-Rhin - Strasbourg/France (Glazing)
Europeen Parliement - Strasbourg/France (Glazing)
Telic Alcatel-Strasbourg/France
ISIS - Strasbourg/France (Glazing)
Pôle Universitaire - Illkirch-Graffenstaden/France (Glazing)
Hummanity Palace- Strasbourg/France (Glazing)
Hotel Novotel- Paris/France (Glazing)
Electricity de Starsbourg (Glazing)
Euralile Mall- Lille/France (Glazing)

Kamran Aminloo moved to United States of America in 1994 and worked with American giant contractors such as Woodbridge Glass, Walter & Wolf, Hale Glass, Model Glass

Medical Center, Beverly Hills, CA (Glazing)
Campus Towers, Irvine, CA (Glazing)
Wachovia Bank, Irvine, CA (Glazing)
LAX Airport, Los Angeles, CA (Glazing lighted columns at Airport entrance)
Honda Poway (Glazing)
Jaguar Santa Ana (Glazing)
Fletcher Jones Motorcars- Newport Beach (Glazing)
UCI- Irvine (Glazing)

Finally on January 2007 after 21 years being involved in variety of commercial constructions as job captain and project manager, he founded Eiffel Construction, Inc. and in a short time has completed dozen small and large projects.

Commercial Center, Rancho Cucamonga, CA (Glazing) & (TI)
92nd Street building, Los Angeles, CA (Glazing)
Verizon Wireless Retail Store, Alhambra, CA (TI)
Verizon Wireless Retail Store, El Monte, CA (TI)
Verizon Wireless Retail Store, San Diego, CA (TI)
Verizon Wireless Retail Store, Upland, CA (TI)
Del Taco Restaurant, El Monte, CA (TI)
UMEX building, Lynwood, CA (TI)
And many more small and large projects


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