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Eiffel Construction Inc. is a full service tenant improvement general contractor in the orange county area. Owner Kamran Aminloo take great pride in ensuring that each and every one of their tenant build-out projects are completed as quickly as possible while providing top quality work at a reasonable cost. With Eiffel Construction, you will have piece of mind knowing that your office, restaurant or commercial space will be ready for your scheduled grand opening.

Since starting their family-owned business 10 years ago, Eiffel Construction has grown steadily through the years by positive word of mouth. Clients appreciate the company’s reliability, flexibility, professionalism and most importantly, ability to provide a turnkey solution for a truly hassle-free experience. Don’t make the mistake of going with another contractor who may or may not meet your deadline or provide the quality work and attention to detail that Eiffel construction consistently delivers.

We at Eiffel Construction specialize in tenant improvement projects and help clients ranging from a local business owner looking to renovate a small office space to an out-of-state corporation that needs to build out a number of tenant spaces or office building in Orange county and Los Angeles. Past and current clients know that our company brand stands for reliability, trust and commitment to meet the tenant build-out needs of each and every customer - from start to finish. Our hardworking and loyal team approaches every project as if it was their own and is delighted when a client is thoroughly satisfied with the end result.

Eiffel Construction can handle every aspect of your tenant improvement project including:
•    Working with an architect to complete build-out plans
•    Scheduling and Estimating
•    Project management and supervision
•    Cost control and analysis
•    Quality control
•    Permits and fees
•    Inspection
•    Sub-contractors/materials bidding
•    Evaluation and consulting
•    Budgeting
•    Coordination of contract
•    Safety standards and subcontractor compliance

If you are a local business owner in need of an experienced interior build-out contractor in Orange County and Los Angeles or an architect with interior build-out plans, then give Eiffel Construction a call at (949)269-2205or (949)584-5264     
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Eiffel Construction, Inc
T:949.269.2205 | F: 877.343.3350
1270 S. Lyon St.   Santa Ana   CA  92705
Contractor Lic# 904289

Eiffel Construction Inc. is an approved contractor by IRVINE COMPANY.

Completed Projects: 
Verizon Wireless 18 locations in southern California
UMEX Lynwood
Commercial Building in Rancho Cucamonga
Office Alteration in Irvine
Retail store in Irvine
Restaurant in El Monte