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Eiffel Construction Inc. offers an assortment of services to our clients depending on their desire. We excel at adapting to the needs of the marketplace and do this by performing our services with our own staff of construction, design, and engineering personnel.

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Eiffel Construction Inc is a guaranteed resource for quality craftsmanship and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality construction at the most affordable price. If you are looking for cost efficiency and high quality construction, Eiffel Construction Inc. is the company to meet your needs.

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Eiffel Construction Inc. has a long-standing reputation for quality and integrity. Experienced and capable, Eiffel Construction Inc. will build your project expediently and within your budget.

Eiffel Construction Inc. is composed of skilled and qualified individuals, who operate in all areas of the corporation. The company consists of a team of highly trained individuals who collectively have expertise in all phases of construction and development.




Tavazo Dried Nuts & Fruits opened in the Walnut Village Shopping Center (Culver and Walnut) in Irvine. This project started on July 18, 2011 and completed on Sept 19, 2011.
Eiffel Construction Inc. is an approved contractor by IRVINE COMPANY.


Del Taco, El Monte was a new project started on March 20, 2008 and completed on May 20, 2008.


Verizon Wireless Retail stores, 18 locations in California.



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Thumps up on Eiffel Construction. We contracted with Eiffel construction last year to complete Tenant Improvement at a retail store at one of the Irvine Company properties. I found them prompt, efficient, professional and most important on time considering we had a limited time table to meet. Kamran completed his project 10 days sooner than his contract. I highly recommend and will refer Eiffel for your construction needs.

Mike Kashani, Realtor.

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    The Construction of the Eiffel Tower in 1888.

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    Commercial property owners should take special care in choosing construction companies that are well aware of the technologies, techniques and methods of providing the best construction project. A company that can provide the knowledge and experience to exhaust all means to reduce commercial construction costs is also a must. There should also be sufficient awareness of service agencies that perform studies on cost-efficiency in all of the construction phase to be able to determine methods that can help in reducing over-all construction cost.


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